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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Santa

This layout is one that I bought from one of my new favorite places Lotts To Scrap About. They have some of the best 2 page layouts at a GREAT price. It would cost me more to go buy the materials and cut everything out myself. I have purchased several layouts from them over the past few months. This is one of the layouts I ordered over Christmas. It's called "Dear Santa." I bought it because I loved the Santa on it!
The layout comes pre-cut. The only thing you have to do is assemble it. What I love the most is that it comes with step by step instructions WITH A FULL COLOR FINISHED LAYOUT GUIDE. Yes, the capitol letters mean I am exicted. I can't express how essential and great that is when putting all the pieces together. The layout matched my pictures of Christmas morning with the Malones/Ancells wonderfully. :) 

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