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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards from the Past

"Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth...Goodwill to men." Christmas Christmas everywhere! I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I feel like it's one of my most "crafty" seasons! These 4 cards were actually created last Christmas. These cards were actually designed by Stampin' Up consultant Kim Parker. She had an October Stamp Camp last year to create Christmas cards. These were so fun to create. My mom even went with me! :) By far this peace on earth card was my favorite to create. The card is made from the Stampin' Up cardstock. We then used the Christmas polka dotted paper to create the background layer. We then glued a red ribbon strip in the middle of the polka dotted paper. We then gluded the darker green cardstock square in the center of the card. After that we stamped the sediment "peace on earth, goodwill toward all men" onto the light green cardstock rectangle using Stampin' Up stamp set and green ink. To create the animals we stamped our stamp into embossing glue then onto the ivory cardstock. We then put black embossing powder onto the image and dusted the excess off. Then we took our heat embossing gun and hated the powder, creating the raised glossy finish on the image. We then cut around the stamped animals and used pop-its to make the stamped image look 3D on top of the light green cardstock. Love it!
"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la." This card was fun to create too! The card is made out of Stampin' Up dark green cardstock. We then took ivory colored cardstock and cut it slightly smaller than the card, to have a border. The background stamp (words) was a rolling stamp. Very neat! We rolled the stamp in Stampin' Up dark green ink, then rolled it over our ivory cardstock. Very very neat. I loved the rolling stamp so much I purchased one on Ebay! We then stamped the stocking stamp into red ink and onto ivory cardstock and cut around it. Kim then had us punch a little hole in the stocking to tie twine in it. Before attaching our stocking to the card, we tied green ribbon into a bow in the center of the card. Then we tied our twine (with the stocking) in the middle of the ribbon. SO cute!
"Happy Holidays...Happy Holidays..While the merry bells are ringing..Happy Holidays to you!" This card was great too! This one was a little challenging though. This card had lots of steps. First we took green cardstock and made the background for our card. Then we folded up the bottom right corner into a triangle. We then used the eyelet setter to set our eyelet to hold the folded corner back. We then stamped the "verry merry" stamp into dark green and stamped it on the corner of the card. Then we cut a rectangle out of red cardstock and white cardstock. On the white cardstock we created "fake" stitching. We used this tool that poked holes around the edges. Then we took a green fine tip pen and traced around the holes creating the stitched look. We then took the happy holiday stamp and stamped it onto black ink and onto the white cardstock we fake stitched. We then took a red felt tip pen and colored in Happy. After coloring, we stamped the happy holidays stamp again and colored in only the tree. we then put tacky tape on top of the tree and cut around the triangle tree. We then peeled the top of the tacky tape and put clear micro-beads on top. We then used a pop-it to stick the embellished triangle on top of the plain triangle. We then colored in the star on top of the tree with a yellow fine tip pen. This was a difficult card to make but was so fun!
"We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." This card was cute but also a little complicating to make. We first made our card out of white cardstock. Then cut a pinkish-red cardstock into a rectangle slightly smaller than the card. Towards the bottom in the center we stamped Merry Christmas in red ink. We then took lime green carstock and cut a rectangle out for the border behind the picture. After that we cut white cardstock slightly smaller than the green rectangle. We then stamped the setiment in red in and onto the left side of the small white rectangle. We then stamped the tree in green ink and wiped it off of the star and colored the star with yellow ink and stamped it beside the setiment. After that we tied a bow around the white cardstock rectangle using green ribbon. Then we glued the white rectangle on top of the green rectangle and attached it in the middle of the card near the top. This was probably the most complicated card to make that night but it turned out so pretty! :)

Roll Tide Platter

Roooooolllll TIDE! This is the plate that I made for my friend Ashley for Christmas! I did alot of "semi-homemade" Christmas presents this year! It was so much more fun than buying something from the store. I think this was one of my favorite gifts to make. Ashley & her husband are big Alabama fans and their living room and dining room are all decked out with Daniel Moore Alabama portraits. So I thought this would fit right in! I bought the Roll Tide decal at the Delta Zeta Marketplace from Simply Stated Walls. It is the same type of decal used on the "jingle all the way" mirror. I found the plate at Wal-Mart in the Christmas section for only $5! What a bargain. I cleaned the plate then peeled the backing off of the decal, centered it and etched it onto the plate. The most amazing thing about this plate is that it can be used as decoration or to serve food on because the decal is dishwasher safe! :) Two-for-one! I bought the black plate stand at Micheals using a coupon, of course! I thought it turned out looking great! I now want to make myself one!
Ashley was so excited when she opened up the plate! She loved it! I can't wait for next football season to roll around so we can bake Alabama cupcakes and serve them on her new platter!! :)

"Jingle all the Way"

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way..." I just love this time of year! Especially since it's gift giving season...which means I get to be CRAFTY! This however, I cannot take credit for. The idea for it was developed by my friend Kim Parker. She is a Stampin' Up consultant, good friend of my moms and neighbor. She is so creative. We made these Jingle All the Way mirrors at her November stamp camp. Mom went with me this time. She made one but with a gold frame. It looks great as well. Very "Christmassy looking." These were so easy to create. Kim had purchased the decal from Stampin' Up. It is in their decor selection. All we did was unwrap the mirrors, clean the mirror part then peel the backing off of our decal and etch it onto the mirror! It was so simple and easy. I now have a new love for these decor' decals!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My man..

I know this has nothing to do with my "craftiness" but this is my wonderful boyfriend Chris. He is beyond amazing to me. End of story! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread Houses 2006

Wow, really 2006. Can we say I'm a little behind in my scrapbook blogging? Hello, it's now 3 years later..and Christmas is quickly approaching. Ah! My favorite time of year. This particular year the Abel family and I tackled the challenging task of creating Gingerbread houses. There were tables upon tables of candy and edible decorations and a competition of 3 couples. This brought back wonderful memories of when my grandma Chris and I would make a gingerbread house every Christmas. Everyone's houses turned out great!

This layout ended up being 3 pages. It was fun to create though. I think this first page is my favorite. For the background paper, I got the Christmas polka dot paper at Hobby Lobby. I used the matching solid red and green paper as border to my pictures. The 3D gingerbread house was purchased on Ebay. It's a Jolee's boutique Christmas embellishment. The gingerbread man or "Gingy" as I call him was also purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then took my glitter pens and made him all glittery! He needed to come to life! The candy canes beside Gingy are stickers from Hobby Lobby as well. I cut the title out using my Cricut and brown paper.

Merry Christmas! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2007

For Halloween 2007, my best friend Casey Clark and her fiance had a party! It was a small get together with CC and Nick, Me & Patch, Ashley and Scott, Lauren and Adam, and Megan. I dressed up as a pirate. I'm not huge on Halloween but it was fun to have everyone all dressed up. Casey fixed all sorts of "spooky treats." I even made a Halloween cookie cake with candy corn on it! :) It was fun!
I actually found the idea for this layout in one of the Scrapbook magazines that Hobby Lobby produces. Love them, they are only 1.99-2.99 and have fabulous ideas. I tweeked the layout a little because I didn't have the exact paper or stickers. For the background, I used Halloween striped paper found in my 180 page holiday paper pack bought at Hobby Lobby. I then cut 2 thick strips out of the Halloween polka dot paper, out of the same paper pack. I then took my 3 pictures from the party and cut them in a way that they would fit across the middle of the page without any space inbetween. In the top left corner I stuck a Halloween sticker poem onto a peice of black cardstock. The Halloween stickers on this page are the cardstock stickers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. In the bottom right corner I used 4 different circle Halloween stickers. I stuck them onto black cardstock as well. To accent, I tied bows out of small yellow and black&white polka dotted ribbon and glued them onto the stickers. In the top right, I glued a Halloween sticker onto black cardstock then added black&white polka dotted ribbon to accent. I absolutely love this layout! Its simple yet, so HALLOWEEN!

My favorite days...

To most this looks like a table full of mess or junk! But honestly days when Ashley's dining room table looks like this are the best! During the summer at least once a week my best friend, Ashley McPherson, and I get together for a Scrappin' Day! We make coffee and catch up on life then scrap till we're so tired we can't scrap anymore! I look forward to these days so much! This is litterally what our table looks like mid-day.
This is my bestest, Ashley! She was about to create her Valentine's Day layout. It's so fun getting to share my hobby with my best friend!

Ashley caught me in action sticking my 3D ornament stickers onto my christmas page I was creating. We're always gluing or cutting or thinking up ideas.
I caught Ashley laying out her Valentine's page. It was so cute she cut out VALENTINES DAY using our Cricut and had the cutest heart/love paper to use as the background! Seems like we're always sorting through pictures!

Scrapbookin' Buddies and Best Friends. I honestly do not know what I would do without this wonderful lady in my life. She's been there for me through thick and thin! Her friendship is truely a gift from God. She's my best friend, scrapbooking buddy, Starbucks addict, shopping pal and craft show partner! Love her much!

Ashley's Creations

First, I did not create these WONDERFUL pages! My best friend Ashley McPherson created this fabulous 3 page layout! We had a scrapbooking day not too long ago and she formed this layout! We both thought it was genius! :)
This layout was for her husband's 24th Birthday! For his birthday that year, they went to the CMT Tour Concert featuring Sugarland and other great country artists. For her background, she used paper with music notes printed on the background for all 3 pages, purchased at Hobby Lobby. Her title was cut out using our Cricut machine. Ashley made a collage on this page and added the blue stripes and circle as accent between the pictures! She used the Jolee's Boutique 3D rock stickers for embellishment as well.

Ashley continued her theme on her 2nd page. She cut the title out using our Cricut. She also added a blue strip of paper as accent and more of the Jolee's Boutique stickers, purchased at Hobby Lobby, for embellishment.

I think this was my favorite page of the whole 3 page layout. Partially because I love the Jolee's Boutique Rock stickers that she used as embellishment! Plus, I love that she used the colors they wore to match her bordering paper with! Again, Ashley added blue stripes to accent the page and her Jolee's stickers. SO CUTE!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fab 5 Christmas Party 2006

Ah, I can't believe this Christmas party was 4 years ago now. Time sure does fly doesn't it! I love my girlfriends so much. They make my life complete. I couldn't have been blessed with any greater group of friends. Even though we're all in college now we all still make time to stay in touch. Every year we always all get together for Christmas and exchange gifts. We call it our "Fab 5 Christmas Party!" This year was our Senior Year of high school. Michelle's mom let us have our get together at her house this year! Their house was so beautiful. Their tree was extremely gorgeous! We all made appetizers for the party and desserts! Let me tell you there was a feast! We started the tradition of drawing names this year! It's so much easier that way! Even though we all still gave each girl a little something!! It was so much fun! I just love this time of the year!!!
For this layout I purchased the background ornament paper from Hobby Lobby. I got this paper because it matched the tree!! To border the pictures I used matching dark green and brick red cardstock purchased at Hobby Lobby, as well. The 3D ornament/snowflake stickers and the gold glittery present stickers were purchased at Hobby Lobby as well in their Christmas section! I was so excited to find these! They matched perfectly! I then used the Cricut to cut out the title. I used my friend Ashley's JASMINE cartridge. To make it stand out, I glued the letters onto black cardstock and then cut around it! It was a fun page to create. However, I think the pages look a little busy. But Christmas holidays are busy, right? :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Invitations

This year I had a Pumpkin Carving Party! I decided that it would be more fun to have all my friends and their husbands over to carve pumpkins than carving my lonely one myself! Plus, it gave me an excuse to create some invitations! It was so much fun! I made chili and potato soup for everyone. Then we had Snickers cookies and Jack-o-Lantern Krispy Kremes for dessert! :)
I loved making these invitations! I've always loved the "spooky" and wild colors of Halloween but never had the opportunity to create invitations or pages because I hardly ever dress up for the holiday. For the background, I used the Halloween words paper out of my Holidays 180 page paper pack from Hobby Lobby. The pumpkin was fun to put together. I cut out the pumpkin using my Cricut. I then took my Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and made a design and then put Martha Stewart Glitter on top and let it dry. I glued the pumpkin onto a square of purple paper & then glued it onto the invitation. In the lower right corner, I put halloween cardstock stickers purchased at Hobby Lobby on top of a small orange square of cardstock & glued it down. I couldn't resist using my black polka dotted ribbon on these invitiations! So, to finish them off I tied the ribbon into a bow near the top of the invitation! I created 5 invitations and did each of the pumpkins a little different. I ended up loving these cards! They were as cute as a lil' punkin'!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Callie's 21st Fiesta!

Wow! My first 3 page layout. I guess I got a little picture crazy at Callie's 21st birthday party. For Callie's 21st birthday a group of us went to Casa Blanca to celebrate! It was a fun night and let's just say Callie enjoyed turning 21!
For this layout I used the striped birthday paper as the background purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used matching polka dotted paper as the border to my pictures. The stickers were purchased at Hobby Lobby as well. They were vellum stickers, so I had to put them onto varying colored cardstock to make them stand out. The title was cut out of purple cardstock using my Cricut.

Starbucks is Love!

Oh the joy of a nice cup of joe! :) If anyone knows me, they know that I love love love Starbucks. It's my absolute favorite indulgence. My best friend Ashley and I always get Starbucks before any of our shopping trips, craft shows, or outings! It's a must with us. Her favorite is Peppermint Mocha and mine is Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon Dolce!
This layout was a little tricky and time consuming. I looked FOREVER for stickers for this page and finally found some. I purchased the swirly paper I used for the background at Hobby Lobby. I used turqoise paper and a spirally paper that matched my background paper for the border around my pictures and stickers. The two coffee cups were cut out using my Cricket. They are on the Christmas cartridge. I double layered the mini coffee cup on the front page. I put turqoise on the back and sprially paper on the front. I also cut out the title using my Cricut. Even though this layout took a while to put together, I wound up loving it!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Cookies cookies everywhere! Love this layout. Ashley and I had a scrapbooking/slumber party last summer. And you can't have a slumber party without cookies! I mean, hello! :) About 9 o'clock that night we decided it was time for a late night snack! We had so much fun making our Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip cookies. And they were declicious of course.
This layout was fairly simple as well. I bought the polka dotted background paper from Hobby Lobby. I used red and blue checkered paper for the borders behind my pictures. I alternated the two colors. The embellishments are from Hobby Lobby. They are the cut out cardstock embellishments. I do not know the brand. Simple, yet YUMMY looking!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Big 21!

Happy 21st Birthday to ME! Finally a layout that isn't 3-4 years old! :) I just recently created this layout and love it. I did several things for my birthday this year. One night my friends Lindsey, John, Randi, Nathan and Joel went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate my birthday! Afterwards, we went back to John and Lindsey's house for a little Guitar Hero Action! :) We rocked out. Lindsey made me a cake for my big day! She made my favorite, funfetti cake with funfetti icing and neopolitan ice cream! John added some M & M's for decoration! They put 21 candles on it and sang "Happy Birthday!" It was such a fun night! My teacher friends are great!
I love this layout and it was very very easy to put together. I purchased the candle paper at Hobby Lobby to use as the background. I used the candle paper to match my cake pictures! For the borders around my pictures I used purple cardstock. On the corners I used one of my corner adorner punches and slid the pictures into the corner slits. I used the purple cardstock as the background to my white paper that I journaled on as well. Around the pictures and journaling I glued big rhinestones purchased in the craft section at Wal-mart. I thought they went well with the title embellishment. The BIRTHDAY title was bought at Hobby Lobby. It is made my Me & My Big Ideas. Its my favorite part of the page! :)

HS Graduation!

None of us ever thought this day would come! Let me tell you, it came and went by WAY too fast. Graduation was such a big step and accomplishment in life. It really was the end of the beginning. If that makes sense. We closed one chapter in our life just to move onto the next. Now it's hard to believe that I graduate college in May. WOW. Our graduation was at the Civic Center in the Arena. I was in the top 10% of my class and graduated 7th I believe. I had a National Honor Society chord and we recieved our top ten percent chords at the ceremony. It was such a memorable afternoon.
This layout was fairly simple, but I grew to love it. I tried to stick to using my HS colors. The graduation hat background paper was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then used golden and white cardstock as border around the pictures. The title and words were cut out using my Cricut. Not much to this page, but the pictures say it all!

Basketball Championship!

Senior Basketball! We ruled in sports Senior year. Our football team made it to the finals in playoffs and came out 2nd in the state. Our basketball also made it to the finals in playoffs and came out 2nd in the state! What a great year in sports for BHS! Luke and I drove down to Birmingham for the final round of playoffs. We ate lunch with his grandparents to celebrate his birthday before the game. The game was so much fun! It seemed like over half the school drove down to support the boys! We ended up loosing to Ramsey which is a school in Birmingham, but still it was great to be 2nd in the whole state in our division!
This layout was a little time consuming to be honest and wound up not looking like I wanted it too. Oh well that's life! I used basketball paper for the background that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used navy paper to border my pictures. (again, sorry about the camera flash in the picture!) The side borders were purchased at Dollar Tree I do believe. I think they are Miss Elizabeth brand. The basketball outfit stickers on the first page of the layout came from Dollar General. The scoreboard stickers at the top of the 2nd page are Stickopotamus brand and were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I cut the title and words out using my Cricut!

Opryland Hotel Christmas

Well, this was ages ago as well. I can't believe I'm just now getting to finish these pages up. This was a day trip that I took with my HS boyfriend, Luke and his family. We took a day trip to see the Gaylord Opryland Hotel all decorated for Christmas then shop at Opry Mills. It was a fun day. I always LOVE seeing the hotel all decorated for Christmas! It is my favorite time of year!
This layout was fairly simple as well. I used Christmas Twoile Paper for the background that was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used red and green cardstock to border the pictures. I used a combination of stickers as embellishments on this page. I used a few cardstock christmas stickers. I believe the brand is Doodlebug from Hobby Lobby. The candy canes are Jolee's Boutique. I used green cardstock to border an off white peice of cardstock to journal on. I handwrote the days activities. The title and 2006 were cut out using my Cricut! I don't know what I would do without that machine!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2005 Football!

Senior Football! 4 years ago, really? Wow, time flies doesn't it. This was actually a GREAT year for us with football. Out of my 4 years at Buckhorn we never made it as far as we did this year. What a year to be a Senior! We won almost all of our games and even made it to the final round of playoffs in Birmingham! We were 2nd in the state in our division. Homewood beat us for the championship, but what an honor to make it that far! :) Everyone was excited yet, sad at the same time! I didn't get to make it to the Championship game because I threw a 25th wedding anniversary for my parents that night!
This page was very simple to put together. I bought the football background paper at Hobby Lobby. I then glued the newspaper ad from the paper onto the middle of the page and placed my embellishments surrounding the picture. The embellishments are cardstock cut outs. I do not remember where I purchased these. I want to say it was at the Scrapbook discount store in Pigeon Forge, TN. Simple, simple, simple. GO BUCKS!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ashley's 19th!

Happy Birthday Ashley! If I do say so myself, I really like this layout. This was such a fun day! Ashley and I drove up to Nashville to shop for her birthday! We went to Opry Mills and the Galleria I do believe! On our way home we stopped at Logan's for dinner! We got a huge birthday browine with ice cream and hot fudge to celebrate! It was so much fun! I always love spending time with Ashley and shopping in Nashville.
I actually took my pictures to Hobby Lobby to match the paper and stickers. Ashley and I have started doing this and we've found it's alot less wasteful and the pages look thousands of times better. I used the green and polka dotted paper for the background. I then used matching striped paper, also purchased at Hobby Lobby, as the first layer of border around the pictures. I then alternated navy & yellow paper as the 2nd layer for the border around the pictures. I also used the navy and yellow paper around the stickers. The balloons were cut out using my Cricut. For the strings on the balloons, I used ribbon to add some texture! The title was also cut using my Cricket.

Happy 20th!

Happy Birthday to me! This was my 20th birthday. That night all of my friends came to dinner at O'Charley's and then we went back to my house to play Taboo! It was so nice to have all my friends come to my dinner party! The food was good too! Love some O'Charley's! :)
This layout was alot of un tocreate. I actually used my pictures to first find the embellishments. I have started taking my pictures and matching the stickers and paper to the colors/theme of the picture. It works so well. I bougth these stickers off of Ebay. They are made my Jolee's Boutique and are one of the birthday themes. After I got the stickers in I went to Hobby Lobby and got the paper. I used Polka Dotted paper as the background. I used yellow, light pink, green, and orange cardstock as borders behind the pictures. For the title background I layered pink, orange, then brown cardstock. I then cut the title out of yellow cardstock using my Cricut.

Destin, FL 2006

YAY for the beach! Part of Senior Trip I went and stayed with Angie & Dave in Destin. These are pictures from one of the mornings we got up and made sandcastles and layed out on the beach in the warm June air! Can't believe this was over 3 years ago! For this layout I used Sanddollar paper bought at Hobby Lobby as the background. I then cut my pictures and glued them on without any bordering paper. The border stickers at the top and bottom of the page came from the Dollar Tree. The other embellishments also came from Dollar Tree. I believe both brands are Miss Elizabeth. I used my Cricut to cut out the title! Simple layout..yet says it all!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gatlinburg 2008

I love love love love this layout! In January of 2008 Casey, Michelle and I took a mini vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. We took a 2 night 3 day get away after new years before school started back! It was the first trip we'd all been on with out PARENTS! :) It was so much fun. We stayed in a hotel that was within walking distance of the Gatlingburg strip. It even SNOWED while we were down there! We ate at Bubba Gump's the first night we were there. That next day we walked the strip and went into Pigeon Forge. The last morning we were there we walked to the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. It was such a fun trip.
This was also a really fun page to create. I bought the winter paper that is used for the background and the snowflake paper & white paper used as the border for the pictures at Hobby Lobby. After I purchased the paper my friend Ashley came over to scrapbook and brought her Hobby Lobby magazine, and low and behold the front cover had a layout using the exact same paper!! It was like a light bulb went off when I saw the magazine. I had to tweak it a little to suit my pictures but I love it. I put white paper around the tops & bottoms of the pictures first. Then I put the snowflake paper underneath the white paper, creating a double border. I then put rows of silver rhinestones on one side of each of the pictures. The rhinestones are a Paper Studio product and purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then took plain white paper and cut it with a wavy border to resemble snow and glued it to the bottom of my pages. Around the waves of the "snow" I put blue rhinestones. Those were also purchased at Hobby Lobby. The stickers came from Hobby Lobby. They are the cardstock stickers. I believe the title of those are WINTER. The title GATLINBURG 2008 was cut out of white cardstock using my Cricut. Again, I love this page! :)


This is in some ways a random page in my album. This night us girls got together and had a spend the night party at the house that KC was watching. It was actually our boss' house. We ordered pizza, made non-alcholic margaritas, ice cream and played cards. We even turned the whirlpool on and all got in! It was a fun night.
I decided to make this layout a friend layout. I took random paper I found in my pile with pink, orange and white polka dots and used it as my background. I used this paper because it matched my shirt. I then used peach cardstock to border my pictures. I used the corner rounder on all my pictures in this layout. The embellishments on the page are stickers from Hobby Lobby. I believe they are Paper Studio brand. This isn't my favorite layout but it is PEACHY KEEN :)

Senior Picnic!

After graduation practice, the faculty and staff threw us Seniors a picnic. We had BBQ sandwhiches, chips, cookies and cokes. Everyone ate and mingled on the old football field. After we ate several of the guys played football. It was a very relaxing afternoon!
I really like this layout. I had this layout already in mind when I got the pictures developed. I knew I wanted to make it look like a picnic table and think that I was able to achieve that. For the background I used the red checkered cardstock. I then used light green and dark green paper to border my pictures. The embellishments came from a store in Pigeon Forge, TN. They are actually cardstock. You have to cut them out and glue them to use them. I was sad they were not stickers. After I arranged the embellishments and pictures, I took left over green cardstock and did my journaling on it. I really liked how this all came together!

Easter 2006

Can I tell you how much I love these kiddos? This layout is from Easter of 2006. Hard to believe that it was close to 4 years ago now. This year the "family" had Easter lunch at Kenny & Trish's house. After a wonderful lunch, the kids had an Easter Egg hunt. I helped everyone hide the eggs for the kids. As you can see Garrett, Gunner, and Hillary's son Collin had a great time and found lots of eggs! Nothing better than finding tons of eggs with candy in them! For this layout I used a flowered paper as the background. I got this paper from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I then added my embellishments. These Easter stickers came from Hobby Lobby. They are some of my favorite stickers. I believe they are chipboard stickers. I then matched paper that borders the pictures with the colors in the stickers I used. This isn't one of my favorite layouts but I do think it shows the brightness of Spring!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Senior Breakfast

First off, my apologies about the camera flash showing up in the pictures. Ugh, I'm still trying to figure out how to get good quality pictures without getting the flash in the picture. This was our Senior Breakfast. Every year the staff of Buckhorn HS sponsors a breakfast for the Seniors at the Holiday Inn Downtown. It was so much fun and sad at the same time. It was one of the last times we would all be together as a class! They had an awesome buffet fixed for us! The senior class president and SGA people spoke and we also had a guest speaker. At the end of the breakfast, our senior slide show was reveled. All of us girls along with Kelly, Hope and John got to sit at a table together.
For this layout, I used the brown/cream circle paper from Hobby Lobby as the background. I used the yellow and blue color in the pictures as background borders around the pictures. I purchased the stickers from Ebay. I had the HARDEST time finding breakfast food stickers but finally did. I think they are Stickopotamus brand. The SENIOR BREAKFAST title was cut using my Cricut and off white cardstock.