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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards from the Past

"Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth...Goodwill to men." Christmas Christmas everywhere! I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I feel like it's one of my most "crafty" seasons! These 4 cards were actually created last Christmas. These cards were actually designed by Stampin' Up consultant Kim Parker. She had an October Stamp Camp last year to create Christmas cards. These were so fun to create. My mom even went with me! :) By far this peace on earth card was my favorite to create. The card is made from the Stampin' Up cardstock. We then used the Christmas polka dotted paper to create the background layer. We then glued a red ribbon strip in the middle of the polka dotted paper. We then gluded the darker green cardstock square in the center of the card. After that we stamped the sediment "peace on earth, goodwill toward all men" onto the light green cardstock rectangle using Stampin' Up stamp set and green ink. To create the animals we stamped our stamp into embossing glue then onto the ivory cardstock. We then put black embossing powder onto the image and dusted the excess off. Then we took our heat embossing gun and hated the powder, creating the raised glossy finish on the image. We then cut around the stamped animals and used pop-its to make the stamped image look 3D on top of the light green cardstock. Love it!
"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la." This card was fun to create too! The card is made out of Stampin' Up dark green cardstock. We then took ivory colored cardstock and cut it slightly smaller than the card, to have a border. The background stamp (words) was a rolling stamp. Very neat! We rolled the stamp in Stampin' Up dark green ink, then rolled it over our ivory cardstock. Very very neat. I loved the rolling stamp so much I purchased one on Ebay! We then stamped the stocking stamp into red ink and onto ivory cardstock and cut around it. Kim then had us punch a little hole in the stocking to tie twine in it. Before attaching our stocking to the card, we tied green ribbon into a bow in the center of the card. Then we tied our twine (with the stocking) in the middle of the ribbon. SO cute!
"Happy Holidays...Happy Holidays..While the merry bells are ringing..Happy Holidays to you!" This card was great too! This one was a little challenging though. This card had lots of steps. First we took green cardstock and made the background for our card. Then we folded up the bottom right corner into a triangle. We then used the eyelet setter to set our eyelet to hold the folded corner back. We then stamped the "verry merry" stamp into dark green and stamped it on the corner of the card. Then we cut a rectangle out of red cardstock and white cardstock. On the white cardstock we created "fake" stitching. We used this tool that poked holes around the edges. Then we took a green fine tip pen and traced around the holes creating the stitched look. We then took the happy holiday stamp and stamped it onto black ink and onto the white cardstock we fake stitched. We then took a red felt tip pen and colored in Happy. After coloring, we stamped the happy holidays stamp again and colored in only the tree. we then put tacky tape on top of the tree and cut around the triangle tree. We then peeled the top of the tacky tape and put clear micro-beads on top. We then used a pop-it to stick the embellished triangle on top of the plain triangle. We then colored in the star on top of the tree with a yellow fine tip pen. This was a difficult card to make but was so fun!
"We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." This card was cute but also a little complicating to make. We first made our card out of white cardstock. Then cut a pinkish-red cardstock into a rectangle slightly smaller than the card. Towards the bottom in the center we stamped Merry Christmas in red ink. We then took lime green carstock and cut a rectangle out for the border behind the picture. After that we cut white cardstock slightly smaller than the green rectangle. We then stamped the setiment in red in and onto the left side of the small white rectangle. We then stamped the tree in green ink and wiped it off of the star and colored the star with yellow ink and stamped it beside the setiment. After that we tied a bow around the white cardstock rectangle using green ribbon. Then we glued the white rectangle on top of the green rectangle and attached it in the middle of the card near the top. This was probably the most complicated card to make that night but it turned out so pretty! :)

Roll Tide Platter

Roooooolllll TIDE! This is the plate that I made for my friend Ashley for Christmas! I did alot of "semi-homemade" Christmas presents this year! It was so much more fun than buying something from the store. I think this was one of my favorite gifts to make. Ashley & her husband are big Alabama fans and their living room and dining room are all decked out with Daniel Moore Alabama portraits. So I thought this would fit right in! I bought the Roll Tide decal at the Delta Zeta Marketplace from Simply Stated Walls. It is the same type of decal used on the "jingle all the way" mirror. I found the plate at Wal-Mart in the Christmas section for only $5! What a bargain. I cleaned the plate then peeled the backing off of the decal, centered it and etched it onto the plate. The most amazing thing about this plate is that it can be used as decoration or to serve food on because the decal is dishwasher safe! :) Two-for-one! I bought the black plate stand at Micheals using a coupon, of course! I thought it turned out looking great! I now want to make myself one!
Ashley was so excited when she opened up the plate! She loved it! I can't wait for next football season to roll around so we can bake Alabama cupcakes and serve them on her new platter!! :)

"Jingle all the Way"

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way..." I just love this time of year! Especially since it's gift giving season...which means I get to be CRAFTY! This however, I cannot take credit for. The idea for it was developed by my friend Kim Parker. She is a Stampin' Up consultant, good friend of my moms and neighbor. She is so creative. We made these Jingle All the Way mirrors at her November stamp camp. Mom went with me this time. She made one but with a gold frame. It looks great as well. Very "Christmassy looking." These were so easy to create. Kim had purchased the decal from Stampin' Up. It is in their decor selection. All we did was unwrap the mirrors, clean the mirror part then peel the backing off of our decal and etch it onto the mirror! It was so simple and easy. I now have a new love for these decor' decals!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My man..

I know this has nothing to do with my "craftiness" but this is my wonderful boyfriend Chris. He is beyond amazing to me. End of story! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread Houses 2006

Wow, really 2006. Can we say I'm a little behind in my scrapbook blogging? Hello, it's now 3 years later..and Christmas is quickly approaching. Ah! My favorite time of year. This particular year the Abel family and I tackled the challenging task of creating Gingerbread houses. There were tables upon tables of candy and edible decorations and a competition of 3 couples. This brought back wonderful memories of when my grandma Chris and I would make a gingerbread house every Christmas. Everyone's houses turned out great!

This layout ended up being 3 pages. It was fun to create though. I think this first page is my favorite. For the background paper, I got the Christmas polka dot paper at Hobby Lobby. I used the matching solid red and green paper as border to my pictures. The 3D gingerbread house was purchased on Ebay. It's a Jolee's boutique Christmas embellishment. The gingerbread man or "Gingy" as I call him was also purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then took my glitter pens and made him all glittery! He needed to come to life! The candy canes beside Gingy are stickers from Hobby Lobby as well. I cut the title out using my Cricut and brown paper.

Merry Christmas! :)