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Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2007

For Halloween 2007, my best friend Casey Clark and her fiance had a party! It was a small get together with CC and Nick, Me & Patch, Ashley and Scott, Lauren and Adam, and Megan. I dressed up as a pirate. I'm not huge on Halloween but it was fun to have everyone all dressed up. Casey fixed all sorts of "spooky treats." I even made a Halloween cookie cake with candy corn on it! :) It was fun!
I actually found the idea for this layout in one of the Scrapbook magazines that Hobby Lobby produces. Love them, they are only 1.99-2.99 and have fabulous ideas. I tweeked the layout a little because I didn't have the exact paper or stickers. For the background, I used Halloween striped paper found in my 180 page holiday paper pack bought at Hobby Lobby. I then cut 2 thick strips out of the Halloween polka dot paper, out of the same paper pack. I then took my 3 pictures from the party and cut them in a way that they would fit across the middle of the page without any space inbetween. In the top left corner I stuck a Halloween sticker poem onto a peice of black cardstock. The Halloween stickers on this page are the cardstock stickers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. In the bottom right corner I used 4 different circle Halloween stickers. I stuck them onto black cardstock as well. To accent, I tied bows out of small yellow and black&white polka dotted ribbon and glued them onto the stickers. In the top right, I glued a Halloween sticker onto black cardstock then added black&white polka dotted ribbon to accent. I absolutely love this layout! Its simple yet, so HALLOWEEN!

My favorite days...

To most this looks like a table full of mess or junk! But honestly days when Ashley's dining room table looks like this are the best! During the summer at least once a week my best friend, Ashley McPherson, and I get together for a Scrappin' Day! We make coffee and catch up on life then scrap till we're so tired we can't scrap anymore! I look forward to these days so much! This is litterally what our table looks like mid-day.
This is my bestest, Ashley! She was about to create her Valentine's Day layout. It's so fun getting to share my hobby with my best friend!

Ashley caught me in action sticking my 3D ornament stickers onto my christmas page I was creating. We're always gluing or cutting or thinking up ideas.
I caught Ashley laying out her Valentine's page. It was so cute she cut out VALENTINES DAY using our Cricut and had the cutest heart/love paper to use as the background! Seems like we're always sorting through pictures!

Scrapbookin' Buddies and Best Friends. I honestly do not know what I would do without this wonderful lady in my life. She's been there for me through thick and thin! Her friendship is truely a gift from God. She's my best friend, scrapbooking buddy, Starbucks addict, shopping pal and craft show partner! Love her much!

Ashley's Creations

First, I did not create these WONDERFUL pages! My best friend Ashley McPherson created this fabulous 3 page layout! We had a scrapbooking day not too long ago and she formed this layout! We both thought it was genius! :)
This layout was for her husband's 24th Birthday! For his birthday that year, they went to the CMT Tour Concert featuring Sugarland and other great country artists. For her background, she used paper with music notes printed on the background for all 3 pages, purchased at Hobby Lobby. Her title was cut out using our Cricut machine. Ashley made a collage on this page and added the blue stripes and circle as accent between the pictures! She used the Jolee's Boutique 3D rock stickers for embellishment as well.

Ashley continued her theme on her 2nd page. She cut the title out using our Cricut. She also added a blue strip of paper as accent and more of the Jolee's Boutique stickers, purchased at Hobby Lobby, for embellishment.

I think this was my favorite page of the whole 3 page layout. Partially because I love the Jolee's Boutique Rock stickers that she used as embellishment! Plus, I love that she used the colors they wore to match her bordering paper with! Again, Ashley added blue stripes to accent the page and her Jolee's stickers. SO CUTE!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fab 5 Christmas Party 2006

Ah, I can't believe this Christmas party was 4 years ago now. Time sure does fly doesn't it! I love my girlfriends so much. They make my life complete. I couldn't have been blessed with any greater group of friends. Even though we're all in college now we all still make time to stay in touch. Every year we always all get together for Christmas and exchange gifts. We call it our "Fab 5 Christmas Party!" This year was our Senior Year of high school. Michelle's mom let us have our get together at her house this year! Their house was so beautiful. Their tree was extremely gorgeous! We all made appetizers for the party and desserts! Let me tell you there was a feast! We started the tradition of drawing names this year! It's so much easier that way! Even though we all still gave each girl a little something!! It was so much fun! I just love this time of the year!!!
For this layout I purchased the background ornament paper from Hobby Lobby. I got this paper because it matched the tree!! To border the pictures I used matching dark green and brick red cardstock purchased at Hobby Lobby, as well. The 3D ornament/snowflake stickers and the gold glittery present stickers were purchased at Hobby Lobby as well in their Christmas section! I was so excited to find these! They matched perfectly! I then used the Cricut to cut out the title. I used my friend Ashley's JASMINE cartridge. To make it stand out, I glued the letters onto black cardstock and then cut around it! It was a fun page to create. However, I think the pages look a little busy. But Christmas holidays are busy, right? :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Invitations

This year I had a Pumpkin Carving Party! I decided that it would be more fun to have all my friends and their husbands over to carve pumpkins than carving my lonely one myself! Plus, it gave me an excuse to create some invitations! It was so much fun! I made chili and potato soup for everyone. Then we had Snickers cookies and Jack-o-Lantern Krispy Kremes for dessert! :)
I loved making these invitations! I've always loved the "spooky" and wild colors of Halloween but never had the opportunity to create invitations or pages because I hardly ever dress up for the holiday. For the background, I used the Halloween words paper out of my Holidays 180 page paper pack from Hobby Lobby. The pumpkin was fun to put together. I cut out the pumpkin using my Cricut. I then took my Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and made a design and then put Martha Stewart Glitter on top and let it dry. I glued the pumpkin onto a square of purple paper & then glued it onto the invitation. In the lower right corner, I put halloween cardstock stickers purchased at Hobby Lobby on top of a small orange square of cardstock & glued it down. I couldn't resist using my black polka dotted ribbon on these invitiations! So, to finish them off I tied the ribbon into a bow near the top of the invitation! I created 5 invitations and did each of the pumpkins a little different. I ended up loving these cards! They were as cute as a lil' punkin'!