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Monday, March 7, 2011


So the past 2 weeks have been filled
With me being sick and unable to shake it. I'm sitting in here at the urgent medicare clinic trying to get some medicine to start making me feel better. I'm so tired of feeling bad. In addition to being sick I have so much I have to do for the wedding. As I sit here I realize I need to fix and print 150 programs, make 2 slideshows and start pulling out summerish clothes and washing & packing for A cruise. I've confirmed several big things for the wedding which makes things better some stress off my shoulders! Chris & I are anxiously awaiting our wedding in 33 days. It's hard to believe everything is so close. I've always dreamed of this day and it's almost here. All the festivities are about to take off and I couldn't be more ready! Teaching has been very rewarding lately. In the midst of my sickness my kids at work sure do make things brighter. I look forward to all of the activities that are coming with the end of the year! :)
God has really been at work in our life recently. Chris was blessed with a job opportunity at our wonderful church Willowbrook which he just recently heard word he got! It is such a blessing for this job change and will also be a blessing to our new marriage. I am beyond excited for Chris as he begins this journey he's prayed for for several years now.
I'm hoping to get back to crafting and scrapbooking soon! I have ordered several simple put together kits from my favorite website in the past few months and I'm ready to catch up on my crafts!!! :)

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  1. I really enjoy finding scrapbooking kits for sale right before I come down with a cold. I feel to weak to really work on anything laborious but scrap booking helps me feel better. We hope you feel better soon.