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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wedding Day

Well, its 7:20 am. I've been awake since about 6 this morning. The excitement was killing me. My tummy has the nervous butterflies. :) but they are good nervous butterflies. As I sit here, my mind is a whirl wind of emotions and thoughts, do i have this, did i pack that, what's he going to think whne he sees me, how will the day go? The worry wart part of me is finally coming out and i think its because im sitting here with nothing to do. Chris and I have been beyond busy the past 3 months of our engagement, so busy that we're completely pooped out. This vacation starting tomorrow could not come at any better time. It's hard to believe that this whole engagment time period is over today. Today i change from a fiance to a wife. I gain a mother & father in law and a sister and brother in law! I could not be more excited! My life is about to make a drastic change at 4:00 this afternoon.

This week has flown by. I dont know where it went. Everyone told me that this week would fly. Little did I know they were right. Before I knew it it was 11:00 Wednesday and my Spring Break had begun. It's all spiraled from there. Thursday morning we thought that the groomsmen tuxes had been ordered wrong. in the mist of that stress, we found out that they were correct. On top of that my boss called that morning and asked me to come back as the Pre-K teacher next year at Walnut Grove. I was beyond elated! She gave me one of the best wedding presents ever. Chris and I can now go on vacation/honeymoon without any worries. We can RELAX.  God is so good and has blessed Chris and I so much throughout the past 2 months. Thursday flew by and before I knew it we had our marriage lisence and were headed to the church for rehearsal. I think rehearsal was when it really hit me that this is all real. However i still feel like im in a dream. As I was standing back there watching my girls walk down the isle I couldn't believe that I was the one walking to the man standing on the center of the stage. ME,'s  me as the bride this time. IT's so crazy! I just can't fathom it! It's crazy! Rehearsal dinner was amazing. It was nice to rekindle the feelings from our first date sitiingon the patio at PF CHANGS. Jenny and Rick gave us the most special night a couple could ask for. Yesterday went by fast too. I got to spend some time with my aunt who I haven't seen in 5 years. Chris went out golfing and then did some wedding things. Before we knew it ALL my family was in town and we were having a big family dinner at my house. It's all here....the big plans we've been planning for 9 months are here.

Last night was a late night. chris and I made sure we had EVERY detail done and everything packed. I was a nervous wreck konwing that when he left he took my BIG luggage bag with him. I always get nervous when my clothes and shoes are taken away. I always think I've forgotten something. I've checked and rechecked so hopefully we've not overlooked anything! This morning I woke up early. Naturally. I knew i couldnt sleep in! :) I got up and did my workout. It let out some stress, and i sweated those last extra jiggles off ;) so I can be sure and fit in that dress today! I had an extra hour and 45 min this morning to just sit and take it all in. Enjoy the house here in it's last few hours to myself and think and pray about the day ahead. I've held all my tears in until now. As I'm sitting here typing this my emotions are starting to come over me. Just such a happy, excited emotion!

I can't wait to see Chris today. He is my gift from God. I can't wait to start a life with him as his wife. Today is the beginning of a new chapter in life, a chapter as Mrs. Christopher Olson (Elizabeth Holder Olson). It's time to get the show on the road......

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