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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Invitations

This year I had a Pumpkin Carving Party! I decided that it would be more fun to have all my friends and their husbands over to carve pumpkins than carving my lonely one myself! Plus, it gave me an excuse to create some invitations! It was so much fun! I made chili and potato soup for everyone. Then we had Snickers cookies and Jack-o-Lantern Krispy Kremes for dessert! :)
I loved making these invitations! I've always loved the "spooky" and wild colors of Halloween but never had the opportunity to create invitations or pages because I hardly ever dress up for the holiday. For the background, I used the Halloween words paper out of my Holidays 180 page paper pack from Hobby Lobby. The pumpkin was fun to put together. I cut out the pumpkin using my Cricut. I then took my Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and made a design and then put Martha Stewart Glitter on top and let it dry. I glued the pumpkin onto a square of purple paper & then glued it onto the invitation. In the lower right corner, I put halloween cardstock stickers purchased at Hobby Lobby on top of a small orange square of cardstock & glued it down. I couldn't resist using my black polka dotted ribbon on these invitiations! So, to finish them off I tied the ribbon into a bow near the top of the invitation! I created 5 invitations and did each of the pumpkins a little different. I ended up loving these cards! They were as cute as a lil' punkin'!

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