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Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2007

For Halloween 2007, my best friend Casey Clark and her fiance had a party! It was a small get together with CC and Nick, Me & Patch, Ashley and Scott, Lauren and Adam, and Megan. I dressed up as a pirate. I'm not huge on Halloween but it was fun to have everyone all dressed up. Casey fixed all sorts of "spooky treats." I even made a Halloween cookie cake with candy corn on it! :) It was fun!
I actually found the idea for this layout in one of the Scrapbook magazines that Hobby Lobby produces. Love them, they are only 1.99-2.99 and have fabulous ideas. I tweeked the layout a little because I didn't have the exact paper or stickers. For the background, I used Halloween striped paper found in my 180 page holiday paper pack bought at Hobby Lobby. I then cut 2 thick strips out of the Halloween polka dot paper, out of the same paper pack. I then took my 3 pictures from the party and cut them in a way that they would fit across the middle of the page without any space inbetween. In the top left corner I stuck a Halloween sticker poem onto a peice of black cardstock. The Halloween stickers on this page are the cardstock stickers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. In the bottom right corner I used 4 different circle Halloween stickers. I stuck them onto black cardstock as well. To accent, I tied bows out of small yellow and black&white polka dotted ribbon and glued them onto the stickers. In the top right, I glued a Halloween sticker onto black cardstock then added black&white polka dotted ribbon to accent. I absolutely love this layout! Its simple yet, so HALLOWEEN!

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