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Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-Prom Lunch!

Our Senior year, prom was on the Saturday before Easter. Which meant we had Good Friday off from school! Whoo Hoo! Us girls were all out prom shopping that day and decided to meet up at Sonic for lunch. Nothing beats a cheeseburger, fries and Diet Cherry Limeade! :)
For this layout I used a blue striped paper as my background. I got it out of a paper pack bought at Hobby Lobby. I then took red cardstock and cut it into strips. I then glued them onto the background paper. Under two of the photos I added a darker blue background border to make them stand out. I couldn't find any kind of Sonic stickers to use so I wound up printing off Sonic's logo to use on the page. I cut around it and then glued it in the middle of my page. For journaling, I just wrote on the background page using my red calligraphy pen.

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